motor vehicle titles AlbuquerqueObtaining your motor vehicle title is simple and fast at MVD Express! Plus, you’ll get friendly service from one of our customer service agents at one of our convenient locations around Albuquerque. Stop in today to title the vehicle you purchased from a dealership or private seller. The major difference in titling after purchasing a car from a dealership or private seller is how the excise tax is calculated on the title.

NM Dealership Motor Vehicle Titles

Purchasing a new or used motor vehicle from a dealership means that you will be charged the 3% excise tax based on the price paid. If your vehicle is being financed, the title will need to be ordered from your lien holder to complete the process. Once the vehicle is paid off in full, you’ll be able to transfer the title of your vehicle into your name. Price paid includes any charge to the buyer, including accessories, transportation, delivery and dealer prep fees.

NM Private Seller Motor Vehicle Titles

With motor vehicles that are purchased from a private seller, excise tax is based on the greater amount of the purchase price vs. National Automobile Dealership Association’s listing price. That means you will be charged 3% tax on the listing, even if you purchased the car for below NADA pricing.

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