Riding a motorcycle can be a lot of fun! Before you can ride your new motorcycle legally, you’re required by law to title and register it within 30 days (for in-state) or 90 days (for out of state) after purchase. Stop into any convenient MVD Express in Albuquerque to title and register your motorcycle today!

How to Title Your Motorcycle at MVD Express

Obtaining the title to your motorcycle at MVD Express is simple and quick! We’ll have you in and out in no time at all. To title your vehicle at MVD Express:

  1. Obtain liability insurance for your motorcycle (25/50/10)
  2. Stop into any location around Albuquerque, or make an executive services appointment
  3. Bring in the necessary documents (original title, identification, etc.)
  4. Sign the paperwork, pay the title and registration fees, and get on your way

Since registration is based on vehicle weight, fees for a motorcycle are much less than that of a typical car or truck.

Schedule an Executive Services Appointment

At MVD Express, we know that you’re busy. Scheduling an executive services appointment allows you to skip the wait and take care of any potentially complicated titling issues, like not having the original title to your motorcycle. You’ll be setup with a dedicated customer service agent who will handle your motorcycle titling needs. You’ll have the opportunity to communicate with your agent over the phone, through e-mail or fax. All you have to do is stop in, sign the paperwork and take your transferred title. Schedule an executive services appointment at MVD Express.

Avoid Late Penalties

Title your motorcycle on time and avoid costly late fees! If you title your vehicle after the 30 or 90 day deadline, you will be responsible for a $20.00 late fee, a 4.5% (instead of 3%) excise tax and other potential fees if you are cited by a Albuquerque Police Department officer. Taking care of your titling needs is a lot easier if you complete the process on-time, but we’ll give you fast and friendly service whenever you title your motorcycle! Contact us today to title your motorcycle.

Call your Albuquerque MVD Express today to speak to a representative about motorcycle title needs!

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505.294.1732 anywhere else in the state