Congratulations! You just bought an awesome new car! If you bought your new car from a New Mexico dealership or private owner, you have 30 days to have the car title transferred into your name. If you bought it out-of-state but will be driving the vehicle in New Mexico, you have up to 90 days to transfer the title of your vehicle. The friendly customer service agents at MVD Express are ready to help you title your new car.

What to Bring in to MVD Express to Obtain a New Car Title

In order to transfer ownership of your car from the dealership quickly, be prepared with the necessary documents before you stop in to any of our locations around Albuquerque. To transfer your new car title at MVD Express, bring in:

  • A government issued identification
  • Two proofs of New Mexico residency (If NM ID or driver’s license is not current)
  • A clean emissions test (Previously used vehicles)
  • Proof of liability insurance (25/50/10)
  • Dealer’s invoice (Dealership purchase)
  • Title with odometer reading (Previously used vehicles)
  • Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO) (Dealership purchase new vehicles)

Additionally, you’ll be responsible for paying the fees associated with transferring a car title, including excise tax, registration and title fees.

Lienholders and Titles

If you are financing the new car you just purchased, your title will include information about a lienholder. The title will remain in the possession of the lienholder through the duration of the financing terms. Once you have paid off the loan in full, you are able to transfer the clear title into your name.

Call your local MVD Express today to speak to a representative about your new car title transfer!

575.373.8247 in Las Cruces
505.294.1732 anywhere else in the state

MVD Express in Albuquerque & Throughout New Mexico

At MVD Express, we know that this isn’t the only stop you have to make during your busy day. That’s why we offer each customer fast and friendly service to get them in, done and on their way in no time at all. You’ll be able to make it to your important meeting or get back to watching the grass grow as quickly as possible! Or, you can skip the time that you’ll need to transfer your new car title into your name and schedule an executive services appointment. Contact us today!