Costs Include MVD Express Convenience Fee + All Applicable State Fees and Tax.

MVD Express is equipped to handle all of your MVD-related matters as quickly and efficiently as possible. We offer comprehensive driver’s license services throughout the state of New Mexico including driver’s license exams, driver’s license road tests and license plate sales.

Our primary services related to New Mexico driver’s licenses include:

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Important Information about Receiving your New Driver’s License

When you have submitted all materials and passed all tests for your driver’s license, MVD Express will provide you with a temporary card to use while your official license is being manufactured. Your official driver’s license will be sent to you in the mail and arrive approximately 7-10 days after you apply for your license.

Since 2008, new driver’s licenses in New Mexico have been issued and processed at a single, secure manufacturing facility, and then mailed to the cardholder. Customers are advised to carry their prior driver’s license card (which will be returned to you with a hole punched through it) as back-up identification.

It is also important to understand that all males between the ages of 18 and 26 must sign-up for Selective Service in order to receive a Drivers License. CLICK HERE for the Selective Service System.

Contact MVD Express for your Driver’s License in New Mexico

Whether you need to schedule a road test for your driver’s license, take your driver’s license exam or just need a driver’s license renewal, MVD Express is here to help you Get In, Get Done and Get Going! Contact us for more information.

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