Express yourself through a vanity license plate!
Express yourself through a vanity license plate!

We know that you just can’t wait to tell the entire world about the fact that you’re AW3SOM3 or that you are a proud owner of a N3WCAR1.

We can’t wait either… 😉

If you want to get a personalized vanity license plate for your New Mexico car, our friendly customer service agents are happy to help!

Requirements for a Vanity Plate

Although we want you to be able to get a vanity plate that reflects who you are (or who you want to be), the state has a few requirements to follow. Vanity plates are available in the traditional yellow and centennial designs only. In order to get your vanity plate approved, it must NOT be:

  • A duplicate of any other license plate in New Mexico
  • More than 7 letters on a car, truck or SUV and no more than 6 on a motorcycle
  • Derogatory or obscene
  • Falsely representing the driver as a member of the government or law enforcement

As long as your plate meets these requirements, all you have to do is fill out this form and bring it to any of our locations with $17.00 + normal registration fees + the MVD Express convenience fee for one year of registration and quick service! Generally, vanity plates take 8-10 weeks for processing. We’ll see you here soon!