Always review your vehicle's history report before purchasing.
Always review your vehicle’s history report before purchasing.

Buying a used car from a dealership or private owner is one way to save money on the cost of the purchase but can also come with a few risks. Having all the details available before purchasing a car is the best way to minimize your investment risk. Get the vehicle’s record to spot any potential issues before you purchase the used car.

Getting the CarFax Report

At MVD Express, we provide CarFax reports to customers who are interested in learning more about their car because it is the most honest, comprehensive and in-depth history report available. A CarFax report can tell you about the history of the vehicle you’re about to purchase. This report is a comprehensive list of everything your car has been through, including accidents and any maintenance that has been performed on it.

Why You Need Information About The Vehicle

Sure, you could just ask the owner of the vehicle or dealership representative about the history of the vehicle, but there are some instances where that might not be sufficient. For example, the car might have had more than one owner, and the most recent owner might not be aware of any previous accidents or issues. You need to have a CarFax motor vehicle report because you can see:

      • If the car was ever in an accident. If the car was hit, the structure of the car might be unstable putting you at risk for more serious injury, should you be in an accident. This also might mean that you might have to put in extra money to correct the problem, and might be required by your insurance company.
      • If the car has ever been stolen. A stolen car might have safety features disabled and something like an alarm system might never have been replaced after the car was stolen. If you are buying a used car, there is always a small risk that you are buying stolen car, putting you at risk for a scam. If this is the case, you might have to forfeit the car you just purchased and lose out on the money you paid for it.
      • Discrepancies in the odometer. Varying mileage between the odometer reading and what is documented on the title could suggest odometer fraud. Someone might have rolled back the mileage to make the car appear to have fewer miles on it than reported.

Always get the facts before you spend your hard-earned money on a used car to avoid paying the consequences later!

Get your Motor Vehicle’s Record at MVD Express

Accessing your car’s record is easy to do at MVD Express. We provide you with the CarFax immediately. All you have to do is bring in the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to get a complete snapshot of what your potential car’s life has been like. Get in, done and on your way with your motor vehicle record as soon as possible!