MVD Express was founded by Janice Lucero, a long-time Albuquerque resident with a passion for education and giving back to the community. In 1994, the state of New Mexico began requiring that anyone applying for a first-time driver’s license be required to take a course on the dangers of drinking and driving. An educator at the time, Lucero made a bid on the project and won the bid to be the sole provider of teaching the state’s required course. Shortly thereafter, Lucero developed and delivered a program called “None For the Road.”

From there, Lucero saw an opportunity to give people a better MVD experience. Her vision gave birth to the concept of privatized MVDs in New Mexico—and MVD Express was born.

Where we are Today:

Today, MVD Express has 11 locations throughout the state of New Mexico: six offices in Albuquerque and one office in Rio Rancho, Gallup, Santa Fe and Las Cruces. We provide full-service to meet all MVD needs.

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