Costs Include MVD Express Convenience Fee + All Applicable State Fees and Tax.
When you have to complete a Vehicle Identification Number inspection on your vehicle, contact us today to speak to a representative. We offer quick, friendly, and efficient service that will get you back on the road with time to spare!

MVD Express also is on call to make onsite VIN inspections for mobile homes, too! Trust us, finding these types of VIN numbers can be tricky. And best yet, we can provide professional assistance throughout the entire mobile home titling process! Whether you are a bank or credit union requiring assistance for titling , or an individual mobile home owner, we are always glad to help.



All vehicles previously titled in another state require a VIN inspection by a certified professional at a motor vehicle division office, provided there are no MCO’s. We know that it isn’t really feasible to bring your vehicle in to a MVD Express office for a VIN Inspection—so we will go to you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We’ll fill out the VIN inspection forms when we get there.

Call your local MVD Expresstoday to speak to a representative about your VIN inspection
(575) 200-1224 in Las Cruces
(505) 218-7448 for all Other Offices

MVD Express is proud to serve New Mexico with locations in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe and Las Cruces.