REAL ID Act of 2005 Phase Implementation

The REAL ID Act of 2005 is legislation passed in the wake of the terrorist attacks of 2001. The purpose of the legislation is, in part, to carefully outline the documentation required to prove one’s identity, age and residence so that state-issued driver’s licenses and identification cards comply with federal requirements established by the Secretary of Homeland Security to board commercial aircraft and enter federal buildings (among other federal functions). The REAL ID Act has been rolled out in phases, and it is the last phase (Phase 4) that most directly affects New Mexico residents.

How The REAL Id Act Impacts New Mexico Drivers

While REALl ID documentation requirements have been “on the books” since the beginning of 2016, states have been granted a nationwide requirement extension, which means that all valid New Mexico driver’s licenses and state identification cards are still accepted to board commercial flights, gain access to federal buildings, etc. However, this extension is set to expire in 2021, after which time a REAL ID-compliant form of identification will be needed.

Important REAL ID Information Regarding Name Changes

  • If your proof of identity document (birth certificate, passport, etc.) does not contain your current full legal name, you must present official documents reflecting any name change(s). This may include a marriage certificate, divorce decree, adoption records, or court order.
  • In a case of multiple name changes, you must present official documents for each name change. Divorce decrees must reference the maiden name or former name before marriage.
  • If your passport or identity document contains your current legal name, you do not need to provide proof of a name change

*A social security card is not acceptable as an official document to support a name change. It is only acceptable as proof of identification number.

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