If you own a motor vehicle or motorcycle and live in New Mexico, it’s essential to put the title of your car or bike under your name. Whether you plan to purchase a new automobile or you’re transferring the ownership of your vehicle, the professionals at MVD Express can help you with all your vehicle title needs. We understand that you’re extremely busy– and time doesn’t wait for anyone. That’s why we offer a personalized concierge service for all our clients, including vehicle title requests and transfers. Contact one of our DMV locations in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, or Las Cruces to schedule an appointment today!

Motor Vehicle Titles in New Mexico

When you visit MVD Express to obtain your motor vehicle title, our customer service professionals will do everything they can to make your visit quick and efficient. If you have recently purchased a new car from a dealership or private seller, we can help you navigate through the title process and answer any questions you may have.

New Mexico Dealership Motor Vehicle Titles

One major difference between purchasing a new car from a dealership or private seller is the excise tax. When you buy a car from a dealership, you will be charged a three-percent excise tax based on the price you paid for the vehicle. The price paid includes any charge to the buyer, including accessories, transportation, delivery and dealer prep fees. If your vehicle is being financed, the title will need to be requested from your lien holder to complete the process.When your vehicle has been paid off in full, you’ll you will be able to remove the Lien Holder from the vehicle title into your name only.

New Mexico Private Seller Motor Vehicle Titles

If you have purchased a vehicle from a private seller, the excise tax will be based on the greater amount of the purchase price compared to the National Automobile Dealership Association’s (NADA) listing price. This means that you will be charged three-percent tax on the NADA listing, even if you bought the car below the NADA’s price.

What to Bring for Your Car’s Title Registration

When you want to put your car’s title in your name, you’ll need to bring in a few things to the MVD Express:

  • A Valid Driver’s License or ID
  • Two proofs of New Mexico Residency (for both in and out of state drivers if address on ID or license is not current)
  • The original (or certified copy) of the Dealer’s Invoice, Bill of Sale,
  • Proof of Liability Insurance (25/50/10)
  • A passed emissions test (for cars built post-1977)
  • VIN Inspection ( out-of-state vehicles)
  • Vehicle(s) (out-of state vehicles)
  • Original Title(s) or Lien Holder Information (if vehicle is being financed)

Your New Mexico DMV

Taking care of your motor vehicle and title needs can be fast and easy when you visit MVD Express! If you need to obtain your vehicle title quickly, schedule an executive services appointment with one of our customer service agents to skip the wait completely. Contact our professionals today to schedule an appointment!