One of the most exciting parts of turning 16 is obtaining your driver’s license. While the idea of having your license can be thrilling, you want to make sure that you’re prepared for the written test and the driving test that lies ahead. One of the best ways to do just that? Practice of course! Other than that, you should also sign up for a drivers ed course that provides you with additional information and prepares you for driving in more ways than one.

In today’s blog post, the team at MVD Express is going to go over a few of the benefits to taking a driver’s education course prior to testing for a license. Let’s get started.

Lower Insurance Premiums

One of the primary reasons that parents choose to sign their children up for a driver’s ed course, aside from the fact that it is required, is because of the opportunity to lower insurance premiums. Let’s face it, new drivers are a big risk for an insurance company, which often leads to a higher premium. When an insurance company sees a young, teenage driver that has invested time in a driver’s education program, however, they see this as a decrease in the chances of a reckless driver. This ultimately leads to a lower premium, which is always a win for parents.

So Much Information

More often than not, people are taught to drive by a loved one in the family. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, the benefit of having your child attend a driver’s ed course is that they’ll be taught by someone whose sole responsibility is to educate young individuals on driving. That means that when your child attends a driver’s safety course, they’ll be learning about the biggest dangers while on the road, what to keep an eye out for, how to drive defensively, and so much more. Of course, these are things that, as a parent, you want to teach your kid. Unfortunately, these lessons are usually better understood in a classroom setting.

A Different Type of Practice

As we mentioned earlier, practice is the best way to prepare for these types of tests. And, as we also mentioned before, it’s often a loved one that winds up doing the teaching. Whether you know this from your personal experience of learning to drive or teaching someone else to drive, having someone you care about in charge of this lesson can often end in some heated arguments and an overload of frustration. By having an instructor take over this piece of teaching, your child will be exposed to a different type of coaching.

Aside from that, most driver education programs will also have a variety of techniques aimed at helping build their driving skills, so they’ll get to learn in ways they wouldn’t be able to at home.


With an increase in knowledge comes an increase in confidence. This is not only beneficial for kiddos who are getting ready to take the tests prior to a driver’s license, but it’s great for the way that these individuals will drive beyond receiving their driver’s license. This is ideal for a number of reasons. For starters, a confident driver is more likely to make wise decisions while on the road. Secondly, they are more confident in their knowledge and will be prepared to react if they wind up in a less than ideal situation. Both of these factors are things that every parent wants their kid to have, so it only makes sense that you provide them with the knowledge that later exudes this confidence.

Get Your License at MVD Express

Here at MVD Express, we take pride in our ability to assist individuals in obtaining their driver’s license. That being said, we want to make sure that all of the individuals that we provide a license to are confident drivers and well aware of the rules of the road and the repercussions of bad driving. This is exactly why we are huge advocates for driver’s ed courses.

If you or your teenager has recently completed a driver’s education course and are ready to progress to the next step of obtaining a license, stop by MVD Express. By setting up an appointment online, you can make your time at the MVD a breeze. Feel free to contact our office if you have any questions regarding the process of obtaining a license or if you’d like a referral on a driver’s ed program in the area. We are always happy to help!