Taking your driver’s test for the first time is a huge step in the direction of adulthood. You spend months learning the rules of the road and practicing the necessary skills it takes to safely drive a vehicle in order to feel comfortable behind the wheel. However, when the day finally comes to put those skills to the test, you suddenly feel nervous. Nerves before your driver’s test are normal, and in today’s post, we will provide you with a few tips you can use to help calm those nerves so you can get your license!

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Challenge Your Thoughts

Leading up to your driver’s test, you might start thinking about the test and everything that can go wrong. It’s easy to get caught up in the worst-case scenario, which can increase your nerves. Instead of focusing on the nerve-wracking situations, try to challenge your thoughts. Ask yourself if the situations you’re imagining are even rational, or think about the likelihood of that even happening. Keep in mind that you’ve spent months or even a year preparing for your driver’s test — you’ve practiced driving in various weather and on different types of roads. More often than not, the roads you will be driving for your test will be roads that you’re familiar with, and if you’re not, then it might be a good idea to arrive for your test a little early so you can drive around and practice. Either way, taking some time to challenge the nerves you’re feeling and the irrational thoughts in your head should help you feel calmer.

Admit You’re Nervous

As you feel your nerves and anxiety start to build, one thing you can do is admit those feelings. If you’re sitting at the MVD with a parent waiting for your turn, let them know how you’re feeling at that moment. Giving the emotions inside a name and expressing them to someone out loud gives them less power. At the very least, admitting your nerves may make them decrease, and at most, the person with you may be able to give you some advice or talk you through the situation.

Visualize What You Want

Visualization is a powerful tool when it comes to changing the way you feel about something. If you start to feel nervous about your driver’s test, take a moment to close your eyes and visualize the outcome that you want. Most likely you want the outcome to be that you passed your test and you now have your driver’s license. Imagine what it will look like and feel like when that happens. Do you feel happy, excited, or relieved? Will you jump up and down or just smile? You can also imagine the questions the instructor might ask and how you will respond. As you visualize, your nerves may start to subside, leaving you feeling confident and ready for your test.

Change Your Focus

For some people, visualization and admitting their feelings just isn’t enough. In that case, it might be a better idea to change your focus. If all you’re doing is focusing on the test and how things can go wrong, it will make you more nervous over time. Instead, try to shift your focus to something else, such as a TV show, a new conversation about your plans for the weekend, or where you want to go when you officially have your license. Changing your focus can help take your mind off the nerves so that you stop thinking about worst-case scenarios over and over again.

Listen to Music

If changing the focus isn’t an option, consider listening to music to force your mind to focus on other things. Music is a great way to help calm your mind when you’re feeling stressed out, and there are plenty of different genres and songs you can listen to. Consider listening to some relaxing music, or if that doesn’t work, switch to songs that pump you up and make you feel confident. If you plan to listen to music, just make sure it isn’t so loud in your ears that you don’t hear your name being called to take your test.

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