Get cash for that old clunker!
Get cash for that old clunker!

When a vehicle is left abandoned on your property, you have options for what to do with it. You can leave it there and wait for someone to pick it up, call a company to tow it off your land or you can put an abandoned vehicle lien on it.

Why Put a Lien on an Abandoned Vehicle

There are many reasons why you might consider putting a lien on an abandoned vehicle. You might want to sell the car to pay off a debt that the car’s owner owed to you. Or you might want to sell it for parts, or use some of the parts to restore another vehicle. Or you might want to keep the car and drive it. You can only legally do what you want with the car once it’s yours.

When to Apply for an Abandoned Vehicle Lien

Abandoned vehicles are able to be claimed by a private property owner if the car has been illegally parked or otherwise left for a period of 30 days or more. Consider putting a lien on an abandoned vehicle on your property when:

      • The vehicle has been on your private property over 30 days
      • The vehicle is attracting unwanted attention
      • The vehicle has become an eyesore
      • The vehicle is getting in the way of business or normal activity

As a private property owner, you have the right to dictate what is allowed on your property within the limits of the law. We can help you apply for and secure a lien for an abandoned vehicle left on your property.

Contact us for an Abandoned Vehicle Lien

The multi-step process to putting a lien on an abandoned vehicle can be complicated. For example, you are required to post a notice of sale for the vehicle before you are able to claim it as your own. Knowing where to post and for how long are details that must be strictly adhered to. Our customer service agents are trained and experienced to deal with all sorts of abandoned vehicle situations and understand the complicated process to go through. When you want to place a lien on an abandoned vehicle, let our agents handle the work for you. Contact us today.