When you’re pulled over and issued a ticket in New Mexico, you have the opportunity to either pay the citation or go to court and fight it. If you decide to fight the ticket, you are able to offer supporting documentation and present your case before a representative of the court or a judge.

Resolving Your Citation in Court

You can bring documentation, such as proof of insurance or vehicle registration, with you on your court date. You should always bring any supporting evidence with you to this traffic arraignment. If you do not show up to your court date, a bench warrant could be issued for you. Your driver’s license could be suspended as a result of the warrant and additional fines and fees might be issued.

Choosing to resolve your citation in court can result in a judge upholding the officer’s ticket, ordering you to driver’s improvement school or dismissing it. If the ticket is upheld, be prepared to pay the fine that day or negotiate a payment plan with the court clerk. You’ll be given information about what to do, or your citation dismissal paperwork, after you speak with the judge or representative of the court.

Resolving Your Citation Outside of Court

If you choose to pay the citation instead of fighting it, understand that you may not register in driver’s improvement classes or schedule a traffic arraignment. Additionally, there could be points added to your driver’s license. Obtain enough points over the course of a year and your license could be suspended or revoked.

Pay Your Traffic Citation at MVD Express

If you check the Penalty Assessment box at the time the citation is issued, you must pay your citation by the date on ticket. If not, there could be additional penalties assessed. You can pay your traffic citation at MVD Express. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service agents will help you with any service you might need! Stop in to any of our convenient locations around New Mexico today.