MVD Express honors the great female leaders and women who have broken barriers amongst the genders and given hope to a new generation. This Thursday, we honor one in particular, Ms. Amelia Earhart.

Amelia Earhart was born in 1898 in Kansas and attended Columbia University and Harvard Summer School. She was a woman who of many “firsts” including:

  • 1928: Amelia became the first woman to make a transatlantic flight as a co-pilot. She described this event in her book 20 hrs. 40 min.
  • 1932: Ms. Earhart became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean alone. Setting a new record of 13 hours, 30 minutes and receiving honors from both American and French governments.
  • 1935: She became the first woman to fly across the Pacific from Hawaii to California.
  • 1935: Amelia Earhart set the speed record for flying non-stop from Mexico City to New York City in just 14 hours, 9 minutes.
  • 1937: Ms. Earhart began her historic flight around the world heading east towards Miami, Florida. Her plane disappeared on July 3, 1937.

Ms. Amelia Earhart was fearless and did not let her gender or society’s standards hold her back from following her dreams. Her strong will and tenacious spirit makes her a historical woman we salute and honor this Thursday, July 24th also known as Amelia Earhart Day.

MVD Express thanks all the selfless female leaders out there and groundbreakers who make a difference in the world and push for equality among the genders. What female leaders do you honor or admire?