Make a difference by saving a life.
Make a difference by saving a life.

When you think about a hero, usually spandex and pearly white teeth come to mind. But those are comic book heroes, not the ones you (usually) find in real life. And it doesn’t take much to be a real-life hero for someone who really needs it. If you want to really make a difference in someone’s life, consider becoming an organ donor today.

Why Become an Organ Donor

Everyone has personal reasons for deciding to become an organ donor. But there are more than just personal reasons for becoming an organ donor, including:

      • You can save up to nine people with your donation
      • There are over 100,000 people who need a transplant right now
      • You can impact the lives of over 50 people
      • It’s a really cool thing to do

All of these statistics were taken off of the New Mexico Donor Registry website. It’s ultimately your decision about whether or not to join the registry, and you should feel comfortable with your choice before signing up.

How to Become an Organ Donor

If you want to become an organ donor, the process is simple. You can become a donor by:

      • Letting the customer service agent know that you’d like to become an organ donor the next time you go to renew your New Mexico driver’s license.
      • Go online to the Donor Sign Up page and complete the process immediately!

The process is simple and only takes a few minutes to complete. Consider becoming an organ donor and become a hero today!