MVD Express Poem
Before MVD Express…

A poem to MVD Express:

Oh, MVD Express, how I misjudged you!
Now, I have fond memories of my visit, quick service, and friendly people,
Before my pleasant experience, I must admit that I was wary of your bright colors and smiles.

I am sorry! Let me explain.

Truthfully, MVD Express, before my visit, there were many things that I would have preferred to do!

I would have rather have gotten a root canal,
Visited my least favorite relative,
Sat next to my smelly cousin on a road trip,
And went to a musical with my mom
Before taking care of my MVD issues.

Oh, MVD Express, I must go on!
I would rather have watched my little brother’s four-hour play,
Attended a national forum on boredom,
Prepared my taxes,
Played a video game with my little sister,
Before I paid you a visit!

But now, everything has changed.
I love your friendly, knowledgeable staff,
Your short waiting periods and bright signs.
There is nothing I would rather do than to visit you!

Because, the truth is, I can’t live without you!