Think twice.
Think twice.

Your BAC measures your blood to alcohol ratio. In New Mexico, you are unfit to drive when your BAC reaches 0.08%. A higher percentage means a higher chance of impairment and a higher penalty for DWI (anything over 0.16% is considered aggravated DWI). When the BAC percentage reaches a high enough number, the effects of the alcohol can be lethal.

Remember, just because you might not feel physically impaired does not mean you are fit to drive. Alcohol tolerance just means that you have gotten used to the effects of being drunk, but your BAC still stays the same.

Calculating Blood Alcohol Content

It’s always recommended that you get a taxi or a ride from a sober friend if you have had anything to drink. But if you want to estimate your current blood alcohol content, you can:

      • Take a breathalyzer test
      • Estimate based on your height and weight
      • Use an online BAC estimator

To get the most accurate reading on your BAC, a breathalyzer or blood test is required. The others are only suggestions to estimate your BAC. Do not rely on them to give you a completely accurate level, as your BAC can be affected by other variables like food or medication.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Accidents caused by DWI are completely preventable. There’s no shame in crashing the night at a friend’s house or calling a cab to come pick you up at the bar. In fact, your friends might think you’re way cooler for doing it. The message is simple. Don’t drink and drive.