Mother’s Day has traditionally been a day to celebrate the contributions that our mothers have made to our lives and to society. We honor the bond that we share with them and recognize them for their impact. Happy Mother’s Day!

The History of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day celebrations have been around for many years. There have been references to local celebrations of this holiday as early as 1870 or 1880. However, no celebration had during this time every reached a nationally recognized level.

The first modern Mother’s Day was celebrated in 1908 in West Virginia when woman named Anna Jarvis wanted to honor her mother’s memory. After the first Mother’s Day, she began a campaign to make this a national celebration of mothers and their contributions to the lives of their children and to the community.

Jarvis became successful in her endeavors in 1914, with national reorganization of and official Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May every year. This holiday has now spread from a national holiday in the United States to countries around the world.

Recognizing the Women in Our Lives

At MVD Express, we realize the importance that women have had on our community! Without strong women, like Janice Lucero, our fearless leader, we wouldn’t be in business today. She took an idea and developed it into a successful state-wide business. Take the time to thank the women in your life!