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These days, technology is changing faster than the nightly TV schedule. Every day, the use of technology, as well as social media, becomes more evolved than the day before. Just trying to keep up with all of it can leave some users confused.

MVD Express has kept up with the changing demands of social media by creating a Facebook and Twitter presence. Our social media accounts have inspired a host of customer interactions, and we’ve done our best to stay current with the changing demands. Last week, we were excited to hear from one of our followers/customers about a positive interaction she had with one of our customer service agents. The tweet read:

“Micahel Hanson @likeliquidwater: I HATE the MVD but love my girl Jenna at MVD#Express makes life simple, fast & easy…GOD bless her she’s an Angel!”

Honestly, when we hear things like that, we run around the office and do a happy dance. We know that our customers have other things to do than to hang out at MVD Express all day and the fact that we got a virtual shout out on Twitter was amazing. The tweet was a first for us and we hope to make it the first of many.

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