Although the weather is well on its way to heating up for the summer months, we’ve still got a few months of potentially cold weather here in New Mexico. It’s important to know how to take of your car to keep it running as smoothly as possible during these last few cold weather months.

Avoiding Car Engine and Equipment Damage

Avoiding car engine and equipment damage can save you a ton of money in the long run. And there are steps you can take to minimize the possibility of having to replace your engine or other car parts.

  • Avoid gas line damage and freezing by keeping your gas tank at least half full
  • Avoid using your parking brake because it can freeze in the engaged position
  • Avoid cracks in your engine by ensuring your vehicle has proper amounts of antifreeze
  • Avoid engine damage by warming up your vehicle to allow oil and gas to flow through your engine

These tips can also save you the trouble of getting stranded out in the middle of nowhere because of a situation that could have been prevented. But you should always have extra supplies and blankets packed in your car, just in case!

Breaking Your Car Isn’t Fun for Anyone

We all know that breaking your engine isn’t fun. Breaking your engine either means a really costly repair or purchasing a new vehicle. And although we’d love to see you stop in to title and register your new vehicle, we’d prefer if the visit wasn’t under such circumstances. Save yourself a hefty new loan payment and a trip to MVD Express by taking proper care or your car.