Who needs a car horn when you can just bark?
Who needs a car horn when you can just bark?

We had to check our calendars when we saw this on the news to make sure it wasn’t April 1st. In New Zealand, three dogs (yes, dogs) have been trained to operate a motor vehicle. The three dogs, Monty, Ginny and Porter have been taught how to steer, change gears and brake at an indoor facility in Auckland.

Who Taught Them How to Drive?

The people responsible for teaching these dogs how to drive are a part of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). The charity rescues and finds homes for dogs that have been abused or mistreated.

Why Were they Taught How to Drive?

To prove their intelligence. Although the charity is supposed to be able to find new homes for the dogs, it often has trouble locating willing and suitable locations and families. This was an effort to show people that dogs are capable of performing a great amount of tasks and to call attention to their cause.

Will We See Dogs on the Roads Soon?

No, we won’t. Although the feat was amazing, the cars were heavily modified and we won’t be seeing any dogs coming in for their permit or driver’s license test anytime soon! Still, the fact that dogs were able to operate a vehicle with a few weeks of intensive training shows how intelligent they are and how quickly they can learn!