Here at MVD Express, we believe strongly in keeping the roads safe to travel for everyone. That means spreading the word every once in awhile about the high cost of driving while intoxicated (DWI) to everyone, including those who have been arrested for DWI in New Mexico. When you are arrested and convicted of DWI in New Mexico, you can expect certain penalties, such as:

  • Suspension or revocation of your driver’s license
  • Jail time of up to two years on a repeat offense
  • Ignition interlock installation
  • Interlock license
  • Drug abuse screening
  • Substance abuse and counseling
  • Community service
  • Attending DWI school
  • Attending a Victim’s Impact Panel

These penalties can cost thousands of dollars, not to mention legal fees if you retain a lawyer. DWI just isn’t worth the cost. Please help us keep our roads safe for everyone by not drinking and driving. Pull over, call a cab or crash on a friend’s couch. We can all do something to ensure that as many people as possible get home to their family safely each night.

Pulled Over for DWI?

At MVD Express, you’ll only receive fast and friendly service, no matter the reason for your visit. If you have been pulled over for DWI and need an interlock license, or to reinstate your driver’s license after it was suspended or revoked, our customer service agents will be glad to assist you. Come in and see us today for knowledgeable customer service today.