Most vehicles must pass an emissions test before being properly registered in Bernalillo County. There are numerous testing locations around Albuquerque and Bernalillo that offer emissions testing services.

Vehicles Required to be Tested

Most vehicles, with the exception of those made before 1980 and those that are electric only, must pass an emissions test. Vehicles required to be tested include:

  • Vehicles manufactured after 1980 and below 10,000 pounds
  • Vehicles with diesel engines
  • Vehicles with electric or hybrid engines
  • Vehicles staying in Bernalillo County for more than 60 days
  • Vehicles that change owners

Most vehicles must pass an emissions test every two years, or vehicle registration is not possible.

5 Testing Criteria

In order to pass an emissions test, the vehicle must go through a five-point inspection. This inspection includes a:

Diagnostic test measures the functionality of the vehicle emissions control functions.

Tailpipe exhaust test measures the carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions released out of the tailpipe.

Pollution control equipment test verifies that the pollution control components are connected.

Visible emissions test verifies that there is no smoke emitting from the tailpipe.

Gas cap pressure test ensures that the gas cap is sealed properly.

The entire test is failed if one section is failed. If the emissions test was failed, the car owner has the opportunity to fix the issue and have it retested. Most emissions test locations will offer a retest within 30 days at a discounted price.

Register Your Vehicle Today

If you have to register your vehicle, or renew your existing registration, and it has passed the emissions test, we can help you take care of the paperwork in no time! You can either stop in to one of our convenient locations or renew over the phone. We’ll get you in, done and on your way as quickly as possible. Contact us today to register your vehicle.