Employee Appreciation
We appreciate our employees!

Being a manager in any line of work can be a stressful task. You have the task of keeping up with employees, doing paperwork, and handling disgruntled customers. Every day at each of our locations, our managers work very hard to keep up with the demands of the job. We appreciate the hard work that they do to keep the business running smoothly.

A Little Help from a Friend

With all the day-to-day obligations of a manager, it is tough work to keep everything in order. That’s why it’s so important that we only pick the best, most reliable employees to help out.  And being a company of gratitude, we send out a “Thank You” e-mail to employees who have gone beyond their job description to make life a little easier for everyone else.

Last week, we got a mention about an employee who did just that: she makes life a little easier for everyone around her. An employee at our Riverside location has taken things upon herself to make sure that new hires are being trained properly and that everything runs smoothly when the manager is out. Life is always a little easier with a little help from a friend!

Our Culture of Gratitude

We do our best, every day, to let our community know how much we appreciate them. We do it by giving them shorter wait times with a smiling face at each of our locations and also by donating our support to organizations around New Mexico. From our employees to the people that support us by using our services, we are grateful for all.