It’s no secret that we love our employees. How could we not? They’re smart, quick thinking and super friendly! But one of the things that we love most about our employees is that they are so willing to give back to the community. When we encouraged our employees to find a way to contribute to their community, we hoped that they would respond. What they did, however, went much further than just helping. Together, they contributed $22,204.00 to the Roadrunner Food Bank this year in donations. That means our employees filled 11,102 backpacks with food for children who are at a high risk for going hungry after school and on weekends. We honestly couldn’t be prouder of them!

Give Back

You can give back to your community at any time of the year. Consider giving back by volunteering or organizing a food drive! Your commitment can be as small or big as you like, and it just depends on what you have available to give! Give back to your community today!