Thank You Thursday
Our employees deserve appreciation!

In today’s world, there is so much opportunity to get stuck in one way of thinking and of doing things. We perform the same actions at work, we eat the same things for lunch and take the same route to the store. Getting caught up in one way of thinking and performing everyday tasks can save us energy, but there’s something to be said about someone with a little flexibility.

One of our employees is constantly surprising us with the ease at which she takes on new responsibilities and positions at work. One day, she’s answering the phones in our call center. The next day, she’s working in our Commercial Division. The day after that, she’s in one of our retail stores answering questions for customers. She is the epitome of flexible and we appreciate her so much! Without her flexibility, we would go short staffed in places that need extra help. Employees like her allow us to maintain the high level of service that our customers have come to expect from us.

Gratitude for Our Community

Although we know your palms get sweaty when thinking about stopping in for a visit, we appreciate the fact that you come in to see us. We know that you have better things to do with your day but take the time to take care of your MVD needs here. Our community supports us and allows us to stay in business. Thank you!