Just bring the proper documents and you'll be on the road in no time!
Just bring the proper documents and you’ll be on the road in no time!

As a private MVD office in New Mexico, there are certain applications that we are not able to process, such as driver’s licenses for foreign nationals. Only the state MVD can process applications for these licenses. Despite this, we know that there is a great need for information on how to obtain a license as a foreign national—and are here to help!

Meet the State Residency Requirement

To apply for a foreign national driver’s license, you MUST be an established resident of the state of New Mexico. You must live in New Mexico for 6 months in order to meet this requirement.

Schedule an Appointment

Once you have satisfied the residency requirement, you will need to schedule an appointment at the state MVD if you do not have a social security number. This is important. Without a social security number, you cannot be served on a walk-in basis. To schedule an appointment, call 505-827-2257 or fill out the form at https://secure.mvd.newmexico.gov/mvdappointments/.

Bring Documentation

When you go to your scheduled appointment at the state Motor Vehicle Division, you will need to bring the following paperwork with you:

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • I-94 (Arrival-Departure Record)
  • I-20/DS-2019 (Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status—For Academic and Language Students/Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor)
  • 2 proofs of residency (must include your New Mexico address), such as:
    • Rental Agreement
    • Bank Statement
    • Utility Bill
    • Phone Bill (landline only; a cell phone bill will not be accepted as proof of residency)
    • Paycheck Stub
  • If you are under the age of 25, you must also bring in documentation that you successfully completed the DWI Prevention and Education Program, called None for the Road. You can download the workbook and watch the instructional videos online at https://www.nonefortheroad.org/.

Please note that you are NOT required to have a social security number in order to obtain a state driver’s license as a foreign national.

Take the Tests

When you have met the above requirements, you are eligible to take the written driving test and the road test. The written test is generally available for you to take a half an hour before your scheduled road test. To study for the written test, you can download the New Mexico Driver’s Manual at http://www.dmv.org/nm-new-mexico/driver-handbook.php#Driver_License_Manual. If you do not pass the written test, you will need to reschedule your road test.

For the road test, you must bring a vehicle. Without a license, you will need to have someone drive you to the road test. An examiner will go on a short ride with you to assess your driving skills. After you pass the road test, you must also pass a vision test in order to obtain your New Mexico driver’s license.

Contact the State MVD for Information

Of course, laws and regulations change frequently. It is important to contact the state MVD before you schedule your appointment to make sure you understand the process and what paperwork you will need to bring. You can reach the state MVD at 888-683-4636.

Trust MVD Express for All of your Other MVD Needs

While we can’t process foreign national driver’s licenses, we like to make things easy for our customers and are able to help foreign nationals in a number of other ways. From vehicle registration to notary services, we are happy to offer quick and efficient service to everyone that walks through our doors.