Anyone driving in New Mexico must carry a drivers license.
Anyone driving in New Mexico must carry a drivers license.

We are always happy to help our customers with their MVD needs. Unfortunately, there are some limitations to what we can do at MVD Express. One of those limitations is being unable to process foreign national driver’s licenses at our offices. We can, however, schedule an appointment at the state MVD offices to do so. The scheduling process at the state MVD offices can sometimes be confusing for someone who has never tried to work through them. We are able to help you navigate the system to make scheduling an appointment as easy as possible.

Who needs a Foreign National License?

Simply stated, anyone who intends to drive in the United States needs to carry a driver’s license, whether from the person’s home country or a local, state-issued one. Whether you choose to retain your driver’s license from your home country or choose to obtain a New Mexico foreign national license makes a difference in many cases. If you are being processed in New Mexico after getting a ticket or being in an accident, the wait can be considerably less if you have a foreign national driver’s license. Consider obtaining a foreign national driver’s license when:

      • You want a local form of identification
      • You want a quicker and easier time being processed
      • You intend to stay in the United States for an extended amount of time

The process to get your driver’s license is similar whether you are a U.S. citizen or a foreign national. The main difference is that you will be required to pass a New Mexico written and road test before you are allowed to drive, even though you have already gone through the process in your home country.

Contact us to Schedule your Foreign National Driver’s License Appointment

Our customer service agents are ready to help you schedule your foreign national driver’s license appointment. They are here to make the process as smooth and quick as possible. We also have bilingual (English and Spanish) employees who will be happy to assist you in your preferred language. Contact MVD Express to get your foreign national driver’s license appointment scheduled today!