Quick Service at the MVD
Fast and friendly service at MVD Express!

We love you. We want you to visit us. You make our days complete and the sun come out from behind the clouds. You’re the bee’s knees!

We also know that you might rather get your teeth pulled. Or sit through your nephew’s 5-hour school play than take care of your MVD needs.

Even though we love you so, you have other things to do. Important things like eating and sleeping. We know that you want to get in, get done and get going as soon as possible. And we’ve structured our business to help you do just that!

Get In and Out ASAP

We don’t blame you for having other things to do. We just love you. Like, a lot. In order to help you accomplish what you need for the day you visit us, make sure you:

    • Always bring in identification. Even if you are getting a new or replacement driver’s license, we still have to have proof that you are who you say you are.
    • Check our website or call us for information about the paperwork that you have to bring in. Things like: proof of residency, the title to your car, your DUI awareness certificate. The paperwork we need varies based on the transaction you are trying to complete.
    • Check our wait times. Each one of our locations has its wait times posted on the home page of our website. That way you can visit one of our locations when it’s least busy.
    • Check our website to see what you can do online. There’s nothing like heading to the MVD Express just to figure out that you didn’t actually have to come in.
    • Bring us cookies. Okay, just kidding. That won’t make anything go faster.

Understanding what you need to bring in and knowing the wait times for our locations will help you to take care of your MVD needs and get on your way quickly.

MVD Express: More Fun than a Root Canal

We can think of a lot of things that are more fun than getting a root canal. Now, you can add visiting MVD Express to that list. Our aim is to give you the best possible experience every time you come to visit.

But when you leave, come back soon. We’ll miss you when you’re gone!