Most of the time, our job at MVD Express is to give each customer superior help with their MVD needs in a fast and friendly manner. We try to always meet and exceed customer expectations and we are happy to do it! Sometimes, the great customer service representatives that we have here at MVD Express take their job one step further and go the extra mile to help someone in need. Last week, a customer had a flat tire. Instead of letting them find their own way to change their tire, a friendly customer service agent did it for them! Talk about going the extra mile! This Thursday, we’re thankful for the people who go the extra mile to help someone in need.

Go the Extra Mile for Our Community

At MVD Express, we are passionate about helping our community and love to go the extra mile to give back. Whether it’s filling backpacks of food for children or making donations to a local charity, we want to continue to find ways to improve our community. And we encourage you to do the same! Find a local cause that you’re passionate about and get involved today! You’ll be glad you did.