Driving safely in winter conditions

The colder weather can only mean one thing: the holiday season is near! We can’t wait for the excitement that comes along with the time of year. During this holiday season, we want you to keep safe so you can make lasting memories with your loved ones.

Keeping Your Family Safe this Holiday Season

The holiday season should be a happy time that should be spent in the company of family and friends, not repairing car damage from an accident. Keep your family safe from accidents this holiday season by:

  • Spacing yourself adequately behind the car in front of you. If you aren’t sure about how much room is safe, pick a landmark close to the road, such as a speed sign or bridge. Once the car in front of you has passed the landmark, give yourself anywhere from three to five seconds to reach the same landmark. If you reach the sign or bridge sooner than three seconds, it might be a good idea to slow down a bit. Add additional distance when the roads are wet or icy.
  • Ensuring your signals work properly. Communicating with other drivers is important through use of your turn signal. Before you head out on the road, have someone stand behind your car while you turn your signals on to determine if they are working properly.
  • Checking your brake lights. While the person is behind your car, you can also check your brake lights. Step down on your brake while your car is in park to determine if your lights are working.
  • Replacing your windshield wipers. Normally, wiper blades should be changed a few times a year. Double check them by lifting the blades off the glass. If there is any tearing or visible wear, or of they are not effectively removing moisture, it’s time to have them changed.

Any light or wiper blade replacement can be completed at home, without making a visit to the shop. If you feel more comfortable with a professional, any auto shop will be able to replace your windshield wiper blades or switch out your brake lights for you.

Stay Safe This Holiday Season

We want you to stay safe this holiday season! Please have fun and take care. Merry Christmas and happy holidays from everyone at MVD Express!