Happy Labor Day!
Happy Labor Day from MVD Express!

As one of the largest providers of MVD services in New Mexico, we are proud to employ people from our communities in our locations around the state. Our communities give so much to us and it’s important that we are able to do the same for them.

Every Labor Day, we like to reflect on the outstanding work that our employees do every day. It’s because of them that we are able to make your visits to our locations more fun than doing your taxes! We also recognize all the hard-working employees across the state, from the school teachers to the agents in the state-run MVD offices! We appreciate you all.

Why We Love our Employees

When we hire our employees, we look for traits that will allow them to be successful in a sometimes stressful environment. They are required to be quick on their feet and solve problems without hesitation.

We love our employees because they are the face of our organization and our point of contact with the public. Without excellent customer service agents, we wouldn’t be able to make your trip to MVD Express nearly as awesome. And you’d probably still prefer getting a root canal rather than stopping in to see us!

Our Company’s Culture of Gratitude

We love our community because of the overwhelming support that we’ve received from the start. That gratitude translates from our community to our employees as well. As a result, we’ve built a company culture that’s full of gratitude and appreciation and we’re going to keep it that way!

From our family to yours: we hope you have a safe and happy Labor Day!