Eye Exams
Get your eyes checked!

We don’t have to tell you how important your eyes are to driving. We promise, there’s a reason we make you stare into a magic contraption with a bright light and small letters every time you renew your driver’s license. Getting your eyes checked isn’t only good for your safety on the road, it’s good for preserving your sight and overall health.

Eye Exam Basics

A regular, comprehensive eye exam can help detect vision problems, brain function problems and tumors, and eye diseases. You should get your eyes examined:

    • At least once a year, due to changing vision
    • As a part of routine care, because eye diseases can be asymptomatic
    • To correct blurry vision and deterioration
    • To detect larger, overall health problems

Getting your eyes routinely checked can also help to prevent blindness due to undetected eye diseases. Keeping your eyes healthy will also keep you and other drivers safer on the road!

Vision Tests at MVD Express

To ensure the safety of all drivers on the road, passing a vision test is required by the state before licensing can happen.  If you need to wear contact lenses or glasses while taking the vision test, not to worry, it will just be noted on your license that you need corrective lenses to drive legally.

Happy National Eye Exam Month, we’ll see you soon!