Start 2013 with personal goals!
Start 2013 with personal goals!

From all of us here at MVD Express, we wish you a happy New Year!

With the New Year, many people use the time to reflect on the past year while looking ahead and setting new resolutions or goals for the upcoming one. This tradition has many people examining what parts of their lives they would like to improve on while being thankful for what they already have.

Setting Goals for the New Year

If you have been wanting to set a resolution for the new year or need help setting one that you can achieve, we have a few tips to help! When you want to set a goal that you can achieve, start by:

  1. Set a goal that is realistic. Instead of saying that you’ll be a running a business by the end of the year without working, think about something in your life that you can improve upon.
  2. Make your goal tangible. This means setting a goal that you can actually track. Instead of saying that you’ll lose weight, think about saying how much weight a month you’ll lose.
  3. Hold yourself accountable and find friends who will too. Everyone has their days where they want to stop working towards their goal, but a mix of internal and external motivation will help to keep you working.
  4. Examine your results regularly. Seeing progress is a great way to keep your motivation up, but you can only do so when you give yourself regular checkups.

Most importantly, never lose track of your goal or forget about achieving it. Some people find it helpful to be able to look at their goals everyday and choose to write them down and post them in obvious places to constantly remind them. Others choose to have someone remind them with a weekly text or phone call. Either way, staying on track can be easy one you have a way to keep tabs on your progress!