Keeping our car clean has many benefits.
Keeping our car clean has many benefits.

Other than for just general cleanliness, it’s very important to keep your car clean at all times because clutter:

      • Puts more stress on your engine. The more unnecessary items you have in your car, the more stress your engine is under. Lighten the load by removing clothes, camping equipment and other unnecessary items that are just taking up space in the back of your car.
      • Increases wear on your tires and wheels. The increased load from your golf clubs or books puts unnecessary strain on your tires and wheels. Save yourself a lot of money by not replacing your tires sooner than you should have to.
      • Reduces gas mileage. The heavier your car is, the less efficient your gas mileage will be. Maximize your gas money by taking out unnecessary items from your vehicle.
      • Lessens the value of your car. Dirt, crumbs and stains can all reduce the value of your car to a potential buyer, and can be hard to get out of certain areas without professional detailing. Save yourself the headache and keep your car maintained.

An extra 100 pounds of weight can reduce your miles per gallon up to 2%. Since most people need to fill up their car every week, you’ll be adding more stops at the pump for no reason.

How to De-Clutter

Getting rid of clutter and preventing the collection of it in your car is easier than you think. You can:

      • Get something to plug up those areas between the seat, console and seat belt. Products like the Drop Stop can prevent things like your cell phone, keys and other forms of clutter from dropping into hard to reach places.
      • Clean under your seat. You’d be surprised about how many things can fit under your seat without detection. We’re guessing the amount of stuff there could rival the count of things under your bed.
      • Re-examine your trunk. Is there a clothes avalanche waiting to fall out of the trunk when you open it? Think about whether you really need that mountain bike back there when you haven’t been riding for over a year. But be careful to only remove items that you don’t need, depending on the season, not just for overall weight.

Put less unnecessary stress on your car by using those simple tips! You’ll be able to get your car clutter under control before you know it.