Lending A Helping Hand
At MVD Express, our employees are family.

At MVD Express, we’re always willing to lend a helping hand. Our customers know this because of the superior service that they get every time they come into our offices, and our employees are always happy to go the extra mile to see a satisfied customer. The amazing thing is, our employees are always happy to do the same thing for a co-worker.

Recently, a couple of our employees were willing to setup a presentation room for one of their co-workers. The great thing about it was the fact that they didn’t leave when that job was finished; they stayed late to make sure the room was put back in order before they left for the day. Their co-worker had recently been injured and could not handle moving anything himself, so it was in an act of selflessness that they were willing to sacrifice a little personal time to help out. Great job, guys!

A Culture of Family

No matter what’s going on, our employees are supportive of each other, almost like a family would be. The support that we offer our co-workers gives us the strength to get through the more difficult days. Also, it makes coming to work more fun than getting teeth pulled and ultimately gives our customers the best experience possible. We’ll see you in our office soon!