Patience is a virtue.

Sometimes, life gets hectic. We have bills to pay, errands to run and only a certain amount of hours in a day to get it all done. As hard as you may wish, the day doesn’t extend itself any longer. Just when you feel like you can’t take anymore, something good happens that changes your day.

Just a Patient Ear on the Other End

Last week, we got a voicemail from a customer praising one of our employees for a job well done. It wasn’t that our employee helped her solve a ultra-complicated problem or that he knew the answer to a riveting life question—it was that he took the time to listen to her. Even when he could have lost patience after answering the same questions, he listened and responded with compassion. Though he may not have known it, our employee made our customer’s day.

That’s a great bit of feedback for a Thursday Thanks blog!

A Commitment to Our Customers

Just like our employee demonstrated, we have made a commitment to our customers to give them friendly, fast help for all their MVD needs. From the really complicated problems to the very simple, we take pride in helping our customers with anything that comes their way. Stop in and see us soon.