Happy Holidays from MVD Express!
Happy Holidays from MVD Express!

From all of us at MVD Express: Merry Christmas!

We hope you’re taking the time to relax with your friends and family during this time. Christmas is a great time to connect with the people we care about most.

During this time, it’s also important to remember to keep safe while on the roads. December in New Mexico can bring snow, icy roads and heavy wind, in addition to many other risks.

Keeping Your Family Safe on the Roads

Making sure your family gets from one place to another safely is always a priority. The Christmas season is known as one of the most traveled times of the year. With more cars on the road, in addition to environmental risks, make sure to pay attention to:

    • The road conditions. Roads can be wet, icy and slippery. To be safe, remember to pay attention to the posted speed limits and keep a safe distance between your car and the one in front of you.
    • Other drivers. Always check mirrors to stay aware of the traffic moving around you. If you suspect that a driver is being negligent or is intoxicated, call 505-242-COPS and keep a safe distance or pull over.
    • Distractions in your own car. Put away the cell phone, turn down the music and concentrate on what’s going on around you. Avoid eating, applying makeup or any other potential distraction while behind the wheel.

These are good things to keep in mind throughout the year, but they are especially important during this time. More people are on the road and there is an increased risk of an accident due to the weather conditions that are often present around Christmas.

Stay Safe this Holiday Season

From our MVD Express family to yours, please stay safe this holiday season! Christmas to New Year’s Day is an extremely busy time for road traffic—make sure you’re safe. We’ll see you soon!