Those flashing blue and red lights are never a fun sight to see, especially when you’re being pulled over for some reason. Do you know that there are some citations that are handed out more frequently than others? Three of the most ticketed violations across the United States include:

1.    Distracted driving. Texting, talking on the phone, eating and applying makeup are some of the most commonly ticketed violations. With the new texting ban in Bernalillo County, there are sure to be more tickets issued for distracted driving in New Mexico.

2.    Speeding. Going even a mile over the speed limit, especially in safety corridors or construction zones, is likely to get you a citation in New Mexico. Slow down and take an extra minute to get to your destination.

3.    Tailgating. Tailgating, or driving recklessly, is likely to get you a ticket. Driving recklessly can cause an accident and gives a higher potential for injury.

Although these are the most commonly cited violations in New Mexico, other driving laws (like seatbelt and DWI) are regularly enforced. When driving, it’s always better to slow down a little, drive cautiously and put down your phone. You’ll be thankful you did!

Got a Ticket?

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