Thursday Thanks!

Most of the time, we do twenty things at once to keep up with the demands of the day. We are thinking of our work schedule, watching TV while simultaneously listening to our children talk about their day at school. Our brains are wired to be able to do this with varying levels of effort.

Most people know that it can be more difficult to multitask at work when the pressure is on. We know that they deal with stresses every day, but the level of intensity fluctuates. The demands on our customer service agents during peak hours of operation only increase the level of multitasking that they must perform.

That’s why the compliment we received from a customer meant so much to us. He had come in during peak hours on two separate Fridays with various MVD problems. Our agent was training a new employee, dealing with an irate customer and helping him all at the same time. He said that, even though our customer service agent had a million things going on, she kept her cool through the entire situation and took on the challenges like a professional. It means so much to us to hear things like that from our customers.

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