Today, May 16th is National Bike to Work Day! Instead of hopping in your car and driving, opt for a greener, more environmentally-friendly option. You’ll be able to save gas (and possibly some time) on your morning and afternoon commute by taking your bike instead.

Why Bike to Work?

Biking to work on a one-time or regular basis is good for you and the environment! Additionally, a few of the benefits to biking to work are:

  1. Not getting stuck in traffic jams. You’ll never be stuck waiting in traffic because of an accident or because it’s rush hour. You can save time and energy that you’d normally waste.
  1. Tax incentives offered by the government. Since 2012, the government has been giving up to $20 in tax credits every month to people who opt for bicycle transportation instead of a car. You can get paid to work out!
  1. Never having to worry about parking spots. It’s never fun to show up to work and your favorite parking spot is taken. Avoid the hassle of finding a place t park (places to lock your bike are usually abundant) and bike to work.
  1. Less money paid at the pump. Not driving, even for one day out of the week, can help you save money at the gas station. Depending on how often you drive every day, this can save you a ton of money over the course of a year.

Plus, the environment will definitely benefit from having one less car on the road. Imagine if everyone biked to work one day out of the year!

Making an Effort to Be Environmentally-Conscious

At MVD Express, we care about our community and the place we live. We encourage you to bike to work every once in awhile in order to reduce the harmful emissions that cars can release into our environment. We can keep New Mexico beautiful by all making an effort!