National Courtesy Cell Phone Month

Happy National Cell Phone Courtesy Month from your local MVD Express!

Cell phone courtesy is a hot topic these days when it comes to etiquette. When you’re with friends, how much time can you spend looking at your phone before appearing rude? Similarly, when is it okay to use a cell phone when you’re in a car?

Cell phone courtesy translates into all aspects of sociability, and we have some ideas for how to handle this situation while in your car.

Good Cell Phone Courtesy on the Road

Good cell phone etiquette expands beyond the time you’re hanging out at home with your family into every aspect of life. When it comes to driving, good cell phone etiquette is not only polite, but can help make you a safer driver. While on the road:

    • Checking out a new meme on Facebook while in the passenger seat is okay. Avoid doing this while driving; using a mobile device while driving is never a good combination.
    • We know your mom can’t wait to tell you about how cute her new puppy is, but have this conversation after you’re safely at your destination; talking on your cell phone doesn’t just put you at risk of an accident due to distracted driving, it’s against the law in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Las Cruces, Gallup, Taos and Espanola.
    • Your boss is nagging you for the report, but checking your e-mail while behind the wheel can cause some serious damage. Pull over or wait until you’re out of the car before reading and responding to emails.
    • OMG, your BFF just txt that her BF just broke up with her. Unfortunately, it’s best if you BRB and revisit the conversation after you’re done driving; texting while driving may seem harmless, but taking your eyes of the road for the seconds it takes to respond to a text can result in an accident.

Making sure that you follow these cell phone etiquette rules will keep you and your loved ones safer while on the road. As much as you want to sympathize with your BFF or tell your boss that you don’t work after hours, some conversations are handled better when you can give them your full attention.

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