National Courtesy Month
Be a courteous driver…

Happy National Courtesy Month from us at MVD Express!

How do you act with courtesy in your everyday life? Sometimes, just saying “thank you” to someone can make a huge difference—and it’s easy to do!

Sharing the road with other drivers allows for many opportunities to be a courteous driver. In honor of National Courtesy Month, we’ve put together a list of a few things you can do to be a courteous driver!

How to Be a Courteous Driver

Being a courteous driver is something simple that we can all do to make sure that the roads are a safe place to travel. You are being a courteous driver when:

    • You are following the car in front of you with a minimum three second lag
    • You are obeying traffic laws and speed limits
    • You glance in all your mirrors and to your blind spot before you switch lanes
    • You are paying attention to the road in front of you, not to your cell phone or other distractions
    • You drive only when completely sober
    • You allow cars to pass in front of you with ease

Being attentive to the things that are going on around you is a great way to be a courteous driver. Keep the streets of New Mexico a safe place by following the laws! Plus, you won’t have to pay traffic violation fees or tickets!

Courteous Service at your local MVD Express

It’s inevitable: you’re going to have a MVD need that requires you to visit.

Our customer service agents at every location know that you have other things to do. And, well, you’d rather be getting a root canal than coming in to see us. That’s why we offer courteous, friendly service for all your MVD needs! Stop in to any of our locations today!