HugHugs make people feel good. Research suggests that a hug of six seconds or more boosts oxycotin and serotonin, feel-good chemicals, are released into your brain. They’re a natural way to show affection for someone else, to comfort someone when they’re sad or to celebrate an accomplishment. Hugs form connections between us and remind us of the connections that we have made in the past.

Since today is National Hugging Day, we wanted to send you a (virtual) hug to remind you that you’re special to us! Without you, we’d have no one to provide fast and friendly MVD services for.

Giving You Fast, Friendly Service

We want you to feel like you get a virtual hug every time you walk in to our office because we know we wouldn’t be able to give each customer great services without the support we receive from you each day. We make every effort to greet you right when you walk in and to get you in, done and on your way in no time at all. Just stopping in to see us is just as good as a hug!

Giving Back to the Community

We want to let you know how much we appreciate you. And because we don’t think sending a virtual hug is enough to show you how much we care, we take our gratitude a step (or two) further. MVD Express and our employees are heavily involved in community programs and charity organizations. For example, we work closely with the Roadrunner Food Bank with their backpack program. This program allows school-aged children to have access to ready-to-eat meals when they’re not at school. We love our community and are always excited to show it!

Pass the Hug On

The hugs don’t have to stop with you. You can show your appreciation for someone who has made a difference in your life by taking the time to thank them and to show them that you care. Spread the love and pass the hug on!