March is National Women’s History Month and it is a time to pay tribute to the women who have made significant contributions to our society and culture. In addition to being celebrated in the United States, Canada and Australia also partake in the celebrations.

A Brief History of National Women’s Month

Up until the early 1970s, there was almost no presentation of women’s history in the educational system. In order to make the general population more aware of the contributions that women have made to society, the Educational Task Force of the Sonoma County Commission created the Women’s History Week in 1978. The celebrations honoring the contributions of women to society were informative and extremely well-received.

From there, the movement to honor women’s contributions to society caught on quickly. In 1980, President Ronald Regan issued a Presidential Proclamation that the week of March 18th would be known as Women’s History Week. Many cities and states around the country began to implement the subject into their educational curriculum to promote gender equality in and out of the classroom.

By 1986, 14 states had implemented women’s history curriculum and celebrations. In 1987, the United States Congress declared that March would be perpetually known as Women’s History Month. Every year, the President issues a Presidential Proclamation that honors the contributions of extraordinary American women.

Honoring our Women

At MVD Express, we appreciate the hard work that many women have put in to help our company achieve the level of success it has seen. If it weren’t for our fearless leader, Janice Lucero, the concept that spurred MVD Express wouldn’t have been more than an idea. But she took that idea, developed it and created a state-wide company that offers the people of New Mexico a faster way to take of their MVD needs. For all the strong, dedicated women who have made such big contributions to our lives, we are forever grateful!