Always be ready for those unexpected events while driving.
Always be ready for those unexpected events while driving.

We know that to some people, driving is the best thing since sliced bread and trumps playing on the PS3 all day. But before you get out there and start driving, there are a few things that every new driver should know to be safe and well-prepared for the road, including:

    • How to change a flat tire. Flats can happen at any time and usually without warning. Remember to always carry a spare and know how to change it safely before driving without someone there with you.
    • How to react when pulled over. Being pulled over for the first time is an uncomfortable experience, but it can be even worse when you aren’t sure what to say to the officer. When this happens, try to stay calm and gather your license and registration before the officer taps on your window. And keep your hands in a highly visible place, like on the steering wheel.
    • What to do when the “check engine” light comes on. Seeing the little red or orange light for the first time is enough to give anyone a mini-panic attack. Instead of panicking, take your car as soon as possible to a mechanic to diagnose the problem. Sometimes, the fix is as simple as changing the gas cap.
    • What to do after an accident. Always ensure that everyone involved is safe before anything else. If possible, pull over to the side of the road to do so. Once everyone is confirmed to be safe, assess the damage, call police and exchange insurance information with the other driver. Be sure to call and report the accident to your own insurance company.

Knowing these little things before you get on the road can help to prepare you for difficult situations before anything happens. In any new situation, always remember to keep calm and think carefully about what’s going on before you act.

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