New Mexico Residents
Are you new to New Mexico?

Moving to the New Mexico desert can be a bit of a shock to people moving from out of state. Our landscape is beautiful but is very different from others, like those with beaches or thick forest. Many people who aren’t used to our dry heat will need a period of adjustment during the summer months. Just like adjusting to a new climate, our out-of-state newcomers have to learn to change to a new MVD system. We love our state, and that’s why we enjoy helping new residents with their MVD needs.

Making the Adjustment a Little Easier

Every day, we help people who are moving to New Mexico with everything, from transferring their registration to getting a driver’s license. We know that this transition period can be difficult, especially when trying to navigate through the laws of the area. For our new, as well as existing, residents, we try to make the MVD Express experience as easy as possible.

Last week, we were happy to hear that one of our customer service agents at our Santa Fe location made a new resident feel welcome. Simply being nice and knowledgeable about the process made this customer’s experience with us an extremely positive one. So positive, in fact, that she felt the need to call back and thank her customer service agent for a job well done.

A Habit of Friendliness

At MVD Express, we love the fact that these examples are not isolated incidents, but reflections on our company culture. We are reminded constantly that our community is the reason we continue to thrive in this economy, and that’s why we strive to give every customer the best experience possible, every time. Our friendliness and quick service is a habit, and we intend to keep making it one.