Always abide by street signs whether you're driving or walking!
Always abide by street signs whether you’re driving or walking!

Accidents happen all the time, even if all parties involved are paying attention and are following the traffic laws. When one, or all, parties aren’t paying attention or are driving in a negligent or reckless manner, the chances for an accident increase. Add a pedestrian to the mix and the chances of the accident causing serious injury or death increase. We’ve got some tips for both pedestrians and drivers to help keep more people safe on the road.

Tips for Drivers

Avoiding an accident involving a pedestrian is usually easy to do. Usually, simply being aware of your surroundings as a driver will help. When you are driving, you should also:

      • Come to a complete stop at intersections
      • Look both ways before turning at a red light
      • Wait until the pedestrian is on the sidewalk before driving
      • Stop for pedestrians if you see one waiting to cross
      • Make eye contact with the pedestrian to ensure you are aware of each other
      • Pay special attention when in school zones or behind stopped buses

You can help to avoid an accident just by being diligent, coming to a complete stop and looking both ways before proceeding into an intersection.

Tips for Pedestrians

Walking is great for your health and an economically-minded choice. To ensure your safety as a walker:

      • Wear bright clothing
      • Only cross in marked crosswalks
      • Do not attempt to cross when the walk sign has turned to a red hand
      • Look both ways before you cross
      • Make eye contact with the driver to ensure they see you

Help keep yourself safe by always being aware of your surroundings and look both ways before you cross the road! Your diligence can make a difference!