As a New Mexican aged 75 or older, you qualify for special rates related to all your driving needs. MVD Express covers many services to assist you in getting back on the road such as:

In addition to the services above, we provide a concierge service to help expedite the process. This concierge service makes it possible to get everything processed even faster with a scheduled appointment.

Has it been a while since you had a valid driver’s license?

If your New Mexico Driver’s License or Identification Card has expired and it has been more than one year since you have used it, you will need to bring certain documents to once again become a legal driver. Our Senior License Assistance services can help you with this process. Documents you will need include:

  • State-issued birth certificate
  • Original Social Security Card
  • Two proofs of current physical address

Bring documents that are dated within the past 90 days with your name and address on them. If your residency documents only list your spouse’s name, contact MVD Express and let our call center associates help. Our associates can also assist you in letting you know which documents are valid to use.

Don’t let Disability Prevent you from Driving

MVD Express can help you obtain a Handicap Placard for the first time. We will need you to bring a few documents with you to one of our locations when applying for a placard such as:

  • Handicap Placard Application (completed by you and your physician)
  • Valid Identification (Driver’s license or Identification Card)

We know that temporary or permanent disabilities can drastically change your life, but they don’t have to prevent you from driving. We can help you get out in the world and explore life. Our call center is dedicated to giving accurate and helpful answers.

In Las Cruces call 575.373.8247 or if you live anywhere else in our great state call 505.294.1732. We know your time is precious and want to give you fast, helpful service so you can get in, get done and get going!